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Transmission Repair

Transmission repair is a big job, and it's expensive. In some cases, the cost of a transmission repair may not be worth it. If you have a car you love or a classic car you want to keep on the road, talk to us about transmission repair.

Engine Diagnostics

A lot of people ignore the check engine light, but that check engine light is blinking or flashing for a reason. A check engine light diagnostic is a good way to prevent a small problem from becoming a big one.

System Service

Routine preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your car performing at its peak. Some people think they have to go to their dealership for preventative maintenance.

Oil and Filters

We never recommend unnecessary auto repairs of any kind. We do the oil change and only suggest additional work if it's needed.

Brakes and Wheels

Our brake repair services include rotor replacement, brake hose replacement, resurfacing, brake fluid flushes, rear drum and brake pad replacement.

Suspension Repair

Does your car shake or pull hard to one side while you're turning? You could have a problem with your steering, struts, alignment or suspension.

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We will then work with you and help you to select the best services for you needs while giving you the best education on what is wrong and why.

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Once approved by you, we will begin to execute your problems and fixing them all in a timely manner.


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